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Fields not showing up in cataloging

One of the questions I get often via our support desk is related to cataloging and Koha’s frameworks. It was for this reason that I did a tutorial video on the topic of editing frameworks, but I got a question this week that implies that I didn’t explain this quite clearly enough.

So, the question was this, “I’m seeing the 780 fields listed on my Serials framework, but it’s not showing when I catalog a record using the Serials framework.”

I went in to our partner’s system and took a look to see what was going on. I found that while the Serials framework did have the 780 field list and when I clicked subfields I found that it did have a full list of subfields. So, why wasn’t the field showing up in cataloging? Even though the field and subfields were listed, all of the subfields were defined as ‘hidden’ and when that happens the field doesn’t show up in the editor.

So, my tip for you (and I’ll be adding this to the manual) is to always check to make sure that at least one subfield is marked as visible in the editor.

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